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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“New technologies in construction.” – № 22, 2011

Halinsky O. M. Opening the conference 3

Shevchuk P. M. Greetings to the Ukrainian society of geodesy and cartography 4

Report on the International scientific-technical conference “GEODETIC SUPPORT OF CONSTRUCTION: MODERN STATE, PROBLEMS, PROSPECTS” 6

Anniversary of the Department 10

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Deineka Y. V., Kosolap L. O. Regulatory framework of geodetic works in Ukraine 12

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Deineka, Y. V., Doroshenko D. M. Development of a program of geodetic monitoring 20

Bilous M. V. Experience of the engineering-geodesic survey software whole complex of works for the subway construction 27

Kryvyi O. P. Experience of the surveying service of the HC “KYIVMISKBUD” 30

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Deineka, Y. V. Generalization of geodesic monitoring during reconstruction of NSK “Olympic” 32

Lobov . I., Annenkov A. A., Malikov S. S. Improvement of technology of geodetic works during carrying out of monitoring of the sports complex “Donbass arena” 38

Mohylnyi S. G., Sholomytskyi A. A. High-precision geodetic work in the construction, installation and condition monitoring of objects 42

Schults R. V. Potential of the laser scanning in determining the spatial deformations of the shells 53

Bilous M. V., Kovtun V. Y., Monitoring of the deformations of the main bearing structures of retail and office center “Parus” 56

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Deineka Y. V., Kosolap L. O. Application of information-expert system for the choice of means of geodetic works 61

Teacher I. L., Yaroshenko V. N., Kapochkin.B. B., Voitenko S. P. Science priority and current state of knowledge of the natural phenomenon of “slow earthquakes” 66

Vasko G. V., Krelshtein P. D. Requirements for opto-electronic instrument for remote sensing in the inventory of agricultural land 73

Stavrevov V. S., Adamenko O. V. Method of calculation of results geodezicheskaja control the geometry of the building structures in the coordinate system of the object 78

Samoilenko A. N., Hlushko Y. Y., Kukareka B.P. Metrological characteristics and capabilities of the upgraded basic setup for calibration of levels and theodolites AUNT 83

Demyanenko R. A. Contemporary state of engineering-geodetic support of high-rise construction 86

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Deineka, Y. V.,Tereshchenko L. V. Experience of determining the estimated cost of geodetic works 90

Bodnar S. P. Using of digital photogrammetry methods in the development of large-scale monuments 93

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