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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“New technologies in construction” .- № 23-24, 2012

  1. M. Halinskyi, A. M. Chernukhin, Y.M. Iwiński. The quality control device of the drainage systems during the construction of the NSC “Olympic” 3
  2. Y. Hryhorovskyi, L. A. Bruin, N. P. Chukanova. The impact of the application of intelligent systems in technical inspection of buildings under uncertainty to increase the life cycle of buildings 8
  3. I.V. Shumakov, V. N. Secretnaya. In some methods of assessing quality of work at the device of floors in the Assembly buildings 14
  4. Y. Hryhorovskyi, L. A. Bruin, N. P. Chukanova. The impact of condition monitoring on the life cycle of buildings 18
  5. N. Meshcheryakov. Research and simulation of interaction between sheet piles, submerged indentation 27
  6. V. Sukhanevych. Research of physico-mechanical properties of injection solutions on the basis of panty compositions and composite cements 34
  7. G. Hassan, D. A. Kirilenko. Evaluation of water resistance of dry gpsonly modified composite sampsa for facades 38
  8. H. Kuchma. Methods of determining the operational reliability of construction polymer materials 41
  9. I. Garmash, A. N. Kostenko. New technology of building crushed stone ballast railway 51
  10. I. Thorn, I.M. Umanets. Technology features of Russian snowline plaster 54
  11. M. Galinsky, V. O., Ivanenko, A. A. Franivskyi, V. P. Omelchuk. The restoration and development of panel construction — the way to mass construction of affordable and social housing in Ukraine 58
  12. A. Franivskyi, V. P. Maksimenko, T. V. Runova, V. P. Voytenko, V. A. Yatsko. Design of self-bearing walls of multi-storey buildings made of foam concrete blocks autoclaved 61
  13. A. Zahoruiko, S. O. Lozovyi. Simulation of pile foundations to determine their deformations 68
  14. G. Yarmolenko, J. I. Busko, O. V. Fedoriaka. Facing brick or stucco 74
  15. O. Khokhlin. The condition of the building when combined seismogenesis and conditions that can lead to significant non-uniform deformation of the base 81

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