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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Build production”. – №52, 2010

Berkuta A. V, Osynska V. A., Halinskyi O. M., Vakhovich I. V. Foreign experience of self regulation in building 3

Vakulenko N. M., Zhmudenko T. V. Experience in the implementation of self-regulation in construction in Russian Federation 8

Halinskyi O. M., Vakulenko N. M.,Vakhovich I. V.,Zhmudenko T. V. Conceptual approaches regarding the transition of the construction industry on the principles of self-regulation 11

Belenkova O. Y. Impact of the crisis on the financial state of construction enterprises activity “construction” 16

Fedosova O. V., Kuznetsov A. V., Shpakova V. G. Organizational-technological bases of technology transfer and the chances of Ukraine 20

Danchenko M. I., Halinskyi O. M., Vakhovich I. V.,Vakulenko N. M. Yachmeniova Y. V. Determination of the average consumption of material resources per unit of measurement of the functional purpose 24

Danchenko M. I. Optimization of the choice of sources of replenishment of circulating assets of construction companies 27

Doroshuk Y. V. Analysis of economic efficiency of energy saving measures in the construction industry 29

Pinchuk Y. B., Pohoreltsev V. M. Risks of investors in the housing finance through the funds financing the construction of 32

Mykhailenko V. M., Terentiev O. O., Yatsyk P. M., Poltorak O. B.Research of chains of inference of the expert system during the examination of the technical condition of buildings 37

Samedov A. M., Savchenko S. V. About calculation of collector of underground structures hingeless circular cross section in the fractured and unstable rock 44

Ryzhakova G. M. Econometric modelling of process of formation of volumes of output of small enterprises in construction 49

Hohuraki V. F., Izmailov O. V. Script of solving the problem of complex evaluation of technological solutions in construction 55

Chernenko V. I., Stages and problems of the main participants in the leasing process 61

Yesipov V. G., Zubko E. I., Zubko Y.E., Gritsenko A. S., Oleynik D. M. Analysis of economic efficiency of application of thermal insulation made from basalt superthin fiber 66

Kolesnik D. Y. Capillary water absorption of fluorogenic concretes under cyclic wetting 68

Ivleva N. P. Economic vector of energy saving in construction 72

Ivlev S. S. Settlement of the ratios of salaries of scientific workers in the construction of a given academic degree and title 76

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