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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Build production”. – №53, 2012

Meneilyuk, O. I., Borisov O. O., Volkanov V. K. Technical and economic markers of optimised fastening technology of mineral wool for insulation of facades 3

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Chukanova N. P. The method of expert evaluation of the degree of influence of constructive elements of buildings, their technical condition selecting monitoring method  5

Meneilyuk, O. I., Ostapchuk, A. A., Taran V. V. Lightweight of monolithic slabs for buildings with “flexible layout” 9

Chernenko V. I. Management of the leasing process in construction 16

Dykyi O. V. Methodical approaches to estimation of efficiency of investment projects of public-private partnership in Ukraine using the world experience 24

Mykytas N. V. Features of an estimation competitivenessof construction company 29

Kulyk M. V. Updating the methodology for determining the efficiency of use of means of mechanization in construction 32

Androshchuk S. M., Kostenko S. V., Pavlenko N. V. Analytical methods of pricing in estimation system of investment potential of enterprises 36

Tytok V. V. Organizational-technological model of creation a building object from the position of the customer 40

Donenko V. I. Problems of construction of multi-storey monolithic residential buildings on soft soils and in cramped conditions 46

Antipenko Y.Y. The supply chain management as an effective mechanism of optimization of activity of construction companies 49

Tsyfra T. Y., Kushniruk, A. O., Analysis of the level of productivity of the construction industry of Ukraine 53

Ryzhakova G. M. Econometric modelling of process of formation of volumes of output of small enterprises in the construction of 58

Antropov Y. V. Forecasting of the possible elimination of a small construction company 62

Vakhovych I. V., Tereshchenko L. V., Tsyfra T. Y., Redkin Y. O.

Economic efficiency the usage of recycled resources in construction 67

Romanenko V. D., Danchenko M. I. Methodological basis of creation of normative base of construction organizations of Ukraine 70

Molodid O. O., Terenchuk S. A. Usage of econometric models to determine the level of economic security of a construction company 73

Skrypnyk A. L., Dyakova Y. V. Influence of economic cycles on the efficiency of the construction industry 76

Maksimenko V. P., Voitenko P. V., Nadtochy M. I. Assessment of VAT of the frame of the Museum of history of Kiev, taking into account the compliance of foundations with the uneven deformation of the Foundation soil according to results of field surveys of structures 83

Zalunina O. M. Building of a model of the influence of cost of production on the economic activity of the enterprises of JSC “KREDMASH” road construction equipment 87

Meneilyuk O. M., Chernov I. S. Modeling the construction of a residential building using the program Microsoft Project 94

Karapuzov E. K., Arefyeva M. G. Technology of waterproofing of building constructions with application of polymer-cement mixtures 97

Vildanova N. P. The method of calculating VAT of a concrete truss element of circular and annular cross sections under the action of torsion 100

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