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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Build production”. – №55, 2013

Halinsky O.M., Vakhovych I. V., Molodid 0.0. Status and trends of development of the construction complex of Ukraine 3

Vakhovych I. V. Efficiency of construction enterprise management on the principles of logistics 7

Vakhovych I. V. Formation of human capital, building organizations,3 11

Andritko V. M. Modern approaches to the economic security of construction enterprises 14

Antypenko Y.Y. Practical mechanism for determining the effectiveness of implementation of systems SM in the construction industry 22

Belenkova O. Y., Ostapenko I. O. Economic evaluation of energy efficiency increase 28

Bychevoy Y. Y., Kozyreva, E. Y. Bitumen-polymer composition in the repair of technologies of elimination of defects and damages of soft roofs 31

Bronin S. V., Pryhara M. Jh. Selection of the optimal set of building objects in the planning of investment activities in construction 35

Dmytrenko V. I. Construction industry of Ukraine: comparison, trends, forecasts 37

Donenko D. I., Yarova L. J., Ishchenko, O. S., Donenko I. V. Ways of improvement of organizational-technological models of estimation of efficiency of implementation of construction projects 44

Ivanytska T. Y. The balancing of indicators of effectiveness of management of construction enterprises in the parametric logistic criteria 50

Kovalenko Y. S. Methodological framework for the assessment of potential construction companies for the effective use of financial resources 57

Kononova I. V., Odegova, S. V. Features of audit of fixed assets in the construction industry 62

Kushniruk, A. O., Growth of labor productivity of construction enterprises is the forming element of its economic security 66

Nedorezov A. V. Investigation of the stress-strain state of a crossbar of the frame and the Foundation for the turbine unit of thermal power plant 69

Sichnyi S. E. To the problem of justifying the cost of materials in the construction of 79

Slipenchuk G. V., Jakun I. V. Evolution of the theory and practice of regulation of labor payment of employees 87

Chuprina H. M. Methods of determination of thermal conductivity and energy efficiency of the building envelope in VIM 92

Yachmenova Y. V. On the definition of efficiency of financing of construction in progress construction 97

Hao Shaothyn Evaluation of economic efficiency of reconstruction of “village in city” with builder position 100

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