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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Build production”. – №56, 2014

Halinskyi O. M., Wakhovych I. V., Molodid O. O. Influence of performance of the construction industry on consumption and production of certain construction materials 3

Maksimov A. S., Doroshuk Y. V. Technical and economical basis of options for structural schemes of complex thermo- modernization 6

Andrienko V. M. Research of contemporary approaches to ensuring economic security of enterprises 13

Antipenko Y.Y. Ways of reducing the intensity in the systems of supply chain management construction companies 17

Antonova A. O. Modern problems of investment-construction complex of Ukraine and their solutions 21

Asaul A. N., Ivanov S. N. Institutional concept as a scientific approach of management of transaction costs in construction 26

Belov D. V. Method of monolithic reinforced concrete cylindrical tanks construction34

Bychevoy  P. P., Kozyreva E. N. Regularities of the influence of technology, vosstanovlenia soft roofs on their waterproofing characteristics 37

Bondar L. V., Bespala T. S., Belous A. I., Konvisar D. V. Research of the conditions of corrosion processes on the rebar under the porous concrete pavement 41

Halushko V. A., Babiy I.N., Kolodyazhna I.V. Pidoyma A. S., Shewchuk L. S. Efficient modern methods of sealing cracks in existing buildings and facilities 45

Dmytrenko V. I. Actual problems of implementation of licensing of construction activities in Ukraine 48

Kalyuzhny A. P. Energy efficiency in the construction of pressure systems of water supply and sanitation 51

Kachurenko V. V., Bannikov D. O. Effective corrugated profile steel tanks 56

Kovalenko Y.S. Mechanism of bond financing, Contracting enterprises: preconditions for implementation and effectiveness of 61

Zaychenko M. M. Stephurko, M. Y., Nazarova A. V., Al-Marsdi Kosay. High quality sonal concrete with compensated shrinkage for industrial construction 67

Ishchenko O. S., Donechko V. I., Bobrakov A. A. Improving of resource-calendar reconstruction of buildings and structures system73

Liviyskyi O. M., Stoian O. V. Modern technologies of dry building mixtures application 76

Merkulova A.V., TakhtayP. O. Signature style as an element of competitiveness of construction products.. 81

Nikolaev V. P., Nikolaeva T. V. the Modern system of knowledge on Economics and management of building projects 84

Osipov S. A. Creation of the classification of arched designs and arches in their category strength and stability 89

Pichugin S. F., Cychulin V. P., Chychulina K. V. New resortocean combined design with corrugated wall 92

Sorokina L. V., Gojko A. F. Information and analytical support of control of efficiency of capital management Contracting enterprises 97

Popovychenko I. V. Demochka T. A., Holovko A. V. Specific features of the system of sbalansirovannyj indicators of construction organizations usage107

Ternovyi V. I., Umanets I., M. Molodid O. S., Huyuliak R. B. Perlite insulating plasters for wet and saline walls 111

Khmil R. Y., Blikharskyi Y. Z. Research of reinforced concrete columns strengthened at the operational load level viaSRCR system 116

Shcherbyna A. A. Cost analysis of total operating costs in apartment buildings.. 119

Yurko I. A., Bokovets V. A., Holub, R. A. Experimental research of vertical keyed joints fiber reinforced concrete wall panels 124

Shaykhed O. V.  Characteristics of particles of high-ash fuel in a fluidized bed process 127

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