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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Build production”. – №57, 2014

Maksimov A. S. Stimulation of realisation of investment construction projects through the implementation of modern approaches to the reform of municipal heating enterprises (article in English) 3

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Antipenko Y.Y. Optional investment strategies in control systems for supply chains of the construction industry 19

Belenkova O. Y. Developmenttendencies of the construction industry as factors in the formation of strategic competitiveness of construction enterprises 24

Vakolyuk A. H. Minimization of realization of projects risksof complex thermo modernization (article in English) 30

Hao Shoatsin Classification of reconstructionprojects of “village in city” for their effectiveness to population 33

Hrechukha E. I. The formation of advising system as the basis for the development of management decisions in conditions of uncertainty 39

Koval V. B. Minimization of workscost for arrangement of internal spaces of industrial buildings 41

Lylov O. V. Modern trends of modernization of management processes and the organization of construction in Ukraine 44

Popovychenko I. V. Approach to determining the reserve for contingencies of the project 47

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SynytsiaM.M. Bases of formation of the resource potential of construction companies 53

Sorokina L. V., GojkoA. F., Rehida O. V. Research of effectiveness of housing investment: a regional perspective 56

Omelyanenko O. M. System relationship of categories of intellectual capital wich are related to economic categories 63

Ваколюк А.Х. Мінімізація ризиків реалізації проектів з комплексної термомодернізації (стаття на англійській мові) 30

Klymchuk M. M. Iterative-institutional model of development of the construction industry 67

Meneylyuk, I. A. Economic affectively of usage of mineral wool insulation of different densities in ventileren facades 70

Fedoriv N. M. The theoretical basis of social security systems 73

Shaposhnikova I. O. Valuation of low-rise residential buildings: main approaches, problems, ways of improvement 76

Tsyfra T. Y. Formation of the initial maximum price contract for the construction of affordable housing of 80“Construction operations”. – №57, 2014

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