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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“New technologies in construction.” – № 30, 2016

“New technologies in construction” 30, 2016

Hryhorovskyi P. Y, Terentyev O. O. Development of information technology system of designing and placing equipment on the playgrounds 3

Mikhailenko V. M., Poltorak, O. B., Turushev O. S. Common approach with calibration of static models and research methods of uncertainty the reliability of the foundation structures of buildings 8

Hayna H. A., Yerukayev A. V. Fuzzy multi-criteria analysis of options available urban areas 13

Matchenko T. I., Shamis L. B., PervushovaL. F., Matchenko P. T. Method of estimating the mechanical characteristics of the Foundation structures reinforced cementation 20

Tanasohlo A.V., Priadko Yu. N., Bakaev, S. N. Experimental research of stress-strain state of flat sections of the barrel supports of overhead lines of 110 KV 30

Bobrakov A. A., Shcherbina L. V. Methods of parallel design of overhaul in the housings 39

Petrovsky A. F. Optimization of the values of the filtration coefficient of the protective screen westbanco on injection technology 45

Drapluk M. V., Pilipenko V. M. Researchof resource-saving technology of modified concrete with damphouse components 50

Horda O. V., Puzko A. A. Reserach of related defects in a digital image of “crack” defect type 53

Buryak A. O. Mikhailovsky D. V. New type of reference nodes for beams of glued деревини58

Demydova O. O., Nikogosyan N.I., Shebek M. A., Tytok V. V. Assessment of influence of duration and intensity of work on the area temporary buildings and structures 63

Zeltser, R. J., Dubinin D. V. Prediction of the actual terms of supply of resources of the structure based on the fractal characteristics of a number of deviations 66

Netesa A. N. Optimization of the process procedure of the device of reinforcement cages of columns and piers with mechanical connection of rebar couplings with cylindrical thread 71

Yakimtsov J. V. Modernization of the machine organization and resource for the building with the conditions of intensification of processes of greening the construction and production 76

Odintsova Y. O. The methodology of the problem of renovation of existing recreation areas coastal cities and creating new ones on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula 85

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