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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Build production”. – № 59, 2015

“Construction production”. – 59, 2015

Vakhovych I. V. Enhancement of efficiency of management of business processes of construction companies.3

Sorokina L. V., GojkoA. F., Skakun V. A. To the problem of improving the methods of forecasting cost housing 7

Nikolaev V. P., Nikolaeva T. V. Information modeling ofbuildings: the imperatives of optimization of construction and operational process 17

Zakorko P. P., Belenkova O. J., Soatsyn Hao Classification of projects of reconstruction of “village in city” for their effectiveness for the population of 26

Popovychenko I. V., Shapa N.M. Analysis of indicators of the construction enterprises personnel work of in the context of studies of changes in the socio-economic state of the construction industry of Ukraine 32

Rubtsova O. S. Prerequisites for the usage of the CRM system for optimization of implementation strategies of products and improving business processes in construction organizations 37

Yurchenko J. O. Methodological aspects of the form-tion of a strategic set of construction enterprises 40

Stupniker G. L. Economic evaluation of regional peculiarities of activities of construction enterprises 44

Hrytsenko O. S., Zapechna J. A., Shevchuk I. K., N. Borodavko M. V. The impact on the economic security of the building enterprise-level corporate social responsibility 49

Kishchenko T. Y., Husarova L. V. Increasing of efficiency of investitsionno-building process through the use of the concept and services of development companies 52

Meneilyuk, A. S., L. V. Lobanova the Choice of effective models of financing and organization of works for the redevelopment of buildings 55

Meneilyuk, A. I., Babiy I.N., Kaminska-Pinaeva  A. I. The change in the economic indicators of the project for insulation of facades of buildings by varying organizational and technological factors 62

Petrovsky, A. F. Techno-economic feasibility of application of the injection technology, the device is impervious screens 66

Skrypnyk A. L., Moholivets A. A. Methodological approaches to forecasting of the cyclicality of the construction industry 70

Sheyko T. Y. Methodological approaches to defining and assessing competitiveness in construction 74

Shevchuk O. K. Development of value engineering in construction 78

Laje M. V. Analysis of the construction enterprises with the aim to research their economic security 82

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