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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

The seminar “Valuation construction. Current Issues ” (State Enterprise “Research Institute of building production”, 12-13 November 2013)

12-13 November 2013 State Enterprise “Research Institute of building production” in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine held a seminar “Valuation construction. Current Issues “


  1. Improving the regulatory framework to determine the cost of construction (IB Ponomarenko, Deputy Director of the Department of construction activity, pricing and economy condition Minregion Ukraine – Head).
  2. The composition and contents of design documents for construction. DBN A.2.2-3-2012 (Yachmeneva Yu, head. Sector SE “RIBP”).
  3. The issue of examination of project documentation in accordance with ISO-H B A.2.2 – 10: 2012 (Buhanenko S. Head. DP department “Ukrderzhbudekspertiza”).
  4. Determination class effects (liability) and the complexity of construction projects subject to ISO – H B V.1.2-16 2013 (Volchenko IV, researcher SE “RIBP”).
  5. Issues related to changes in pricing regulations in the construction occurring at the stage of tender offer price and the calculation of the volume of work performed (IP Fomin, PAT HC “Kyivmiskbud”).
  6. Development and approval of individual element estimated standards and standards of Ukraine (JMA) for construction works and construction works carried out by using modern technologies, materials technologies (Tereshchenko LV, senior researcher SE “RIBP”).
  7. Specifics of determining the cost of construction by international agreements concluded in accordance with the pro forma FIDIC (Vahovych IV, Ph.D., Assoc., Head. Department, SE “RIBP”).
  8. Changes in determining the value of design and survey works (Tereshchenko LV, senior researcher SE “RIBP”).
  9. Specifics of determining the cost of construction, taking into account updated standards, effective from 01 January 2014 (Bibyk YM zav.otdelom SE “UkrdorNDI”).
  10. Master – class on developing individual element estimated standards (Tereshchenko LV, senior researcher SE “RIBP”).

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