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The calculation of the number of employees in “Teplokomunservice”private domestic enterprise

The work was performed by specialists of the sector of economic methods of management of construction SE “RIBP” under the leadership of C. E. S., senior researcher, associate Professor Vakhovych Inna Volodymyrivna.

Customer: private domestic enterprise “Teplokomunservice”, Bucha.

The aim of this work was to determine the normative number of workers at the enterprise.

The calculation of worker number was done on the main methodological approaches and indicators AIO 02.07.004 “Model standards number of workers at the enterprises of municipal power system”, developed in pursuance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 17.01.2000, № 30-R and the order of Derzhbud of Ukraine №125 dated 15 June 2000 and approved by order of Derzhbud of Ukraine dated 14.05.2001, №118.

Also, during calculations was used cross-sectoral standards for the number of workers, developed by the productivity Center of the Ministry of labour and social policy of Ukraine, legislative acts of Ukraine on labour guestions.

For calculations the source data of the customerwere used, which included:

  • the list and specifications of the main equipment of the company;
  • characteristics of the buildings and structures of the enterprise;
  • data on the amount of work performed by employees of separate divisions of the enterprise etc.

The number of managers, professionals and employees of “Teplokomunservice” private domestic enterprise determined by calculating:

  • the number of personnel management functions. The order of the corresponding calculation is given in claim 2.2. HKN;
  • the number of personnel that are not included in calculation of control functions, however, should be the staffing company.
  • The calculation was adjusted according to actual number of staff of the organization.
  • The projections of workers private household enterprise “Teplokomunenerho” performed according to methodological approaches resources.

The number of workers was determined by:

– the daily (shift) needs;

– number of days (shifts);

– scheduled absenteeism rate, taking into account sick days, weekends, holidays, vacation.

During determining the necessity for workers in professions such as the boiler engineer (boiler operator), electrician on repair and maintenance of automation and measuring power plants, electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, the mechanic on repair of boiler equipment in accordance with the data tables in section 3 of the CHP determined the category of repair and complexity of the work. In cases where the appropriate equipment is not explicitly specified in the AIO, or just missing, the category repair complexity was determined according to the closest analog which there are in the tables of HKN.

The results can be used by an enterprise in preparing staff schedules, justification for the number of personnel in the calculation of tariffs for production, transportation and supply of thermal energy.

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