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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Instrumental inspection of noise and vibration

The purpose of the service is­:

To identify the actual levels of noise and vibration (vibration velocity V, mm / s and acceleration A m /s2 or in dB) in the production or social conditions in the source or in the way it propagation. Vibration and the noise is measured in the linear range and octave bands of frequencies from 1 to 63 Hz. When it’s necessary for measurement of low-frequency (seismic) convulsions or oscillations in a wide range its involved professionals to cooperate with other specialized agencies with broadband spectrum of analyzer fluctuations. Work is performed via VSHV-003-M2 appliance with a vibrator and a microphone. The device has passed certification in SE “Ukrmetrteststandart.”

Who and in what cases need this service.

Service is required to maintain existing residential houses and buildings next to which building machinery work or movement of public transport which is a source of over vibration. If building will be situated in the area of distribution of vibration with low range forced waves it may cause resonance with structures of the building constructions, which can adversely affect on its strength, durability and serviceability. So one of the tasks is to determine the proper vibration frequencies of the building and identify possible appearance of resonances.

To ensure comfortable conditions of residence or work it is necessary to measure sanitarily standardizes levels of noise and overall vibration in compliance with the sanitary standards inside residential and public buildings (houses, hospitals, schools, kindergartens) next to construction sites, highways, lines, tram and metro shallow, airports, etc. which are a source of increased noise and vibration.

Measurements are performed to detect vibration and isolation ability of protecting designs of permanent way trams and subway and provide recommendations to protect homes and buildings against vibration and noise

  1. Stages and terms of these stages.

Installing sensors of inspected design at the ground or on the floor of the house.

Setting up the device and fixing noise or vibration sensors.

Processing and analysis of data.

Drawing up a report and giving recommendations.

If it is necessary, the following work are performed: identifying additional factors that affect the appearance of noise and vibration (soil conditions, especially the design of the house), the definition of dynamic characteristics of buildings and soil base, computer modeling and calculation of finite element method in the design stage.

Terms of performance depend on the complexity of the task, working conditions and the number of required measurements.

The list of works performed using this service unit.

Inspection of vibration levels during dismantling bases stadium of lighting towers and during establishment of bored piles during reconstruction “Olympic” NSK for “Euro-2012” European Football Championship.

Investigation levels of vibration during dismantling bases stadium of lighting towers and during the device bored piles during reconstruction NSK “Olympic” for “Euro-2012” European Football Championship.

Research of vibration levels of the main construction of installation of gas genets’ cogeneration system at the Coca-Cola plant, Brovary, Kyiv region.

Conduction of research works to determine the causes of excessive noise and vibration in residential buildings № 38, 42, 49/1, 53 Vasylkivska street, Kyiv, located along the existing Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska subway line from Lybidska station to the Vystavkovy Tsentr station and submitting  proposals of reducing their levels to the values determined by sanitary norms of Ukraine.

Research vibration levels of the building at the address E. Konovaltsia,  Kiev which were got from construction machinery, which were working at the building located next to the construction site, A. Barbusse, 28th street, Kiev.

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