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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

A multi-storey building in Kyiv, Vasylkivska 137.139 street

Executors: specialists of laboratory of experimental and high-rise building of SE “RIBP” led by Maksimenko V. P. Senior Associate

Customer – LLC “Dekoplyus.”

Available services:

Spatial verification calculation of frame of multi-storey building.

Start and finish dates: May – October 2015.

Main stages:

  • Analysis of design and engineering and geological documentation and survey for platform of building according to materials of customer.
  • Analysis of the structural scheme of the building and refinement of bearing elements of the spatial schema of house.
  • Collecting basic calculating load.
  • Approval with customer and designer the assignment of calculation MOP-3 class facilities.

Preparation of design scheme and computer models using PC “Komponovka” PC “LYRA” subsystems and “Monomakh” software system.

  • Conducting spatial deformation calculation of “base-foundation-building” settlement system in the “Monomakh” and “LIRA” PC for wind and seismic load according to SBC V.1.1-12: 2014 as class facilities MOP-3.
  • Conducting spatial deformation calculation of building a “base-foundation-building” system of in the “LIRA” PC to limit wind, seismic and emergency (progressive collapse) load according to SBC V.2.2-24: 2014 as MOP-3class facilities.
  • Analysis of the calculations results. Conclusions and recommendations.

Results – It was compiled comparison table between the basic and testing calculations, it was provided the appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

  1. “The calculation of the impact of construction of a new multi-storey residential complex (2-5 stage) to the surrounding development within the scientific and technical support, Vasylkivska 137.139 street, Pechersk district. Kyiv”.

Start and finish dates – December – January 2016

Main stages:

  • Characteristics of the research objects.
  • The studying of groundwater and hydro geological conditions of construction site
  • Characteristics of soils and calculated well in SS “GRUNT”.
  • Payment schemes of triangulation of building area and load on soil foundation.
  • Methods of deformation calculation of soil base performance.
  • areas of new construction and the surrounding area.
  • Results of strain calculating of base soil area.
  • Isofield of envelope deformation of ground base of development area.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Results – it was performed deformation calculation of soil base of the new building, Vasylkivska 137.139 Street, and the surrounding area, which is located in the zone of new construction with a PC ECHR 2014, SS “soil”. It was summarized results of strain calculating of soil base of the new building and the surrounding area in tabular form.

It was given conclusions and recommendations taking into account the strain calculating of soil base for new construction of residential buildings and the surrounding area and possible changes of hydro geological regime.

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