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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Vakhovych Inna Volodymyrivna is  Ph. D. in Economics, senior researcher, associate Professor, head of Department of Economics, management and organization of construction

She was born on 23 March 1979. Kyiv.

In 2000 graduated from Kyiv national University of construction and architecture, specialty “Management in production sphere”. In 2003 he finished postgraduate studies at the Scientific research Institute of building production, and in 2004 she successfully defended her thesis on the specialty “Economics of construction”. In 2011 she received the academic rank of associate Professor.

During the work in the Institute Vakhovych I. V. went from Junior researcher to the head of Department. She is the author of over 30 scientific articles, co-author of monographs “Modern trends in management of development of organizational-economic systems. A new look,” “Principles of planning the production program of building enterprise and methods of valuation of its parameters”, the textbook “Simulation of design works for construction,” textbook” Economic-mathematical methods and models in construction”, methodical recommendations on course work “assessment of the effectiveness of the reconstruction of houses”

One of the main directions of the departmentwork, which is headed by Vakhovych I. V., is:

– research ofresults of a building complex, development of measures to improve the competitiveness of domestic construction enterprises;

– researchof the problems of innovative activity of the enterprises of construction branch of Ukraine;

– the development of self-regulation problems in construction;

– research in the field of energy efficiency of the existing housing stock of Ukraine, including the development and testing in practice, integrated methods of assessing the effectiveness of energy saving projects in construction;

– development of organizational and financial mechanisms of implementation of such projects in Ukraine, including with the use of energy service contracts;

– preparation of proposals on improvement of legislation of Ukraine with the aim of increasing the investment attractiveness of energy efficiency projects , including reducing their risk for a private investor , raising funds homeowners.

Under the guidance of Vakhovych I. V. It was developed the following works:

– the concept of transition of the construction industry on the principles of self-regulation;

– a complex of measures to develop affordable and ecological housing in Ukraine.

Over the past 3 years under the guidance of VakhovychI. V. It was developed the economic part of a number of research works aimed at improving the energy efficiency of housing and communal services of Ukraine, development of organizational-financial models of implementation of investment projects on complex thermal modernization of residential areas, provision of market entities corresponding normative-methodical base, in particular:

– “Performance of analytical research and development of fundamental engineering solutions for conducting comprehensive thermal modernization of buildings of secondary schools budget content (for example, 6 projects) with the rationale for their reuse. İt was developed criteria-based assessment of different technical solutions for energy efficiency for each building envelope, including using economic indicators, analyzed all potential and selected appropriate technical solution, simulation of the thermal shell of buildings for each combination of acceptable technical solutions carried out appropriate calculations of heat energy saving potential and cost when implementing each of the alternatives, a technique was developed to select the optimal variant of technical solutions for the optimal variant developed appropriate model design decisions.

– “Methodological recommendations for the development of a feasibility study of measures to improve the energy efficiency of non-production purpose”. İt was developed common to all performers of the feasibility study approaches to the development of a list of measures to improve energy efficiency and assessment of their effectiveness;

– “Pre-feasibility study of the project “Warm house” as a component of the National project” Energy of nature” – construction of wind, solar, and small hydroelectric power stations, production of solid alternative fuel”. The project proposed innovative financial and institutional mechanism for the implementation of projects of complex thermo housing.

Vakhovych I. V. is a executive secretary of the Technical Committee of standardization TC 309 “Botechnology, where her responsibilities include the organization of analysis of provision of the subjects of the construction market in Ukraine standards and the building regulations in the area of technology, organization and management of construction production. She is also a member of the section “Organization, pricing and economy of construction” of the Scientific and technical Council of the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services, the working group “energy Efficient city” – together-German project in the city Zhovkva of Lviv region, intergovernmental Council on analytical assessment and forecast for development of the construction markets of the CIS countries.

She was awarded honorary diploma of Ministry of regional development of Ukraine”.

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