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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Maksimov Artem Serhiyovych, the head of energy saving and thermal modernization of the building department

He was born 21 of September 1979 in Kyiv.

Higher education, Kyiv national University of construction and architecture, 2003, specialty “Industrial and civil proceedings, a qualified expert (the Qualification certificate, series AE No. 000331 from 31.05.2012, the category of “Expert” qualification “Technical inspection of buildings and structures), auditor in ISO \ IEC 17025:2006 (certificate № P-64.11.7 from 09.11.2007)

Since 2003 till now – State enterprise “Scientific-research Institute of building production”

Head of the Department of energy saving and thermal modernization of the building.

2003 – engineer-technologist;

2004 – engineer  technologist of 1st category;

2006 – senior engineer-technologist;

2009 – head of Department of energy saving and thermal modernization.

The Department, which is headed bu Maksimov A. S includes 3 sector , basic laboratory and employs 34 people.

One of the main directions of the work of unit , which is headed by Maksimov A. S. , are:

– research in the field of energy efficiency of the existing housing stock of Ukraine , including the Development and testing in practice, integrated methods of assessing the effectiveness of technical solutions of energy saving projects in construction ;

– development and implementation of projects to improve energy efficiency of various facilities;

– assessment of the selection of the energy performance of buildings;

– energy audit of buildings and preparation of energy performance of buildings;

– technical inspection of buildings

– development of methodical approaches to the application of complex thermal modernization of buildings and structures;

– development of organizational, technical, technological solutions to such projects in Ukraine, including with the use of performance contracts (energy service contracts);

– preparation of proposals concerning improvement of legislation of Ukraine with the aim of increasing the investment attractiveness of the projects, energy efficiency improvements, including reducing their risk for the private investor;

– development of scientific programs of retraining of the construction industry in the field of energy saving.

Over the last 5 years he has participated in more than 20 conferences on topics of energy saving.

He is responsible for the development of several regulations ( BC , SSU etc.) , including the project of SSU-N B V. 3.2-3:2014 “guidance on the implementation of the integrated thermo-residential buildings” , which will be introduced in 2013 , SSU A. 3.1-22:2013 “duration of construction of objects”.

He participated in the development of criteria for the selection of energy efficient pilot projects under the program “Pilot projects in the housing minregionstroya Ukraine participated in the Commission on their selection.

He participated in the development of the draft law of Ukraine “On energy efficiency of residential and public buildings”

He held a refresher course on the topic of energy saving during the training GIZ , ІWO, PROFINE .

Over the period 2010-2012 under his leadership with the help of institut depatrments was developed a number of projects of complex thermo-residential buildings and public sector facilities who received the positive expert conclusion.

He is the head of innovative developments in the field of energy saving in housing and communal services:

– “Undertaking of analytical studies and development of fundamental engineering solutions for conducting comprehensive thermal modernization of buildings of secondary schools with budget content (by the example of project 6) justification of the feasibility of their reuse. He developed criteria-based assessment of different technical solutions for improving the energy efficiency of each individual building envelope and analyzed all potential and selected appropriate technical solution , simulation of the thermal shell of buildings for each combination of acceptable technical solutions carried out with appropriate calculations of heat energy saving potential and cost when implementing each of the alternatives , a technique was developed to select the optimal variant of technical solutions for the optimal variant it was developed appropriate model of design decisions.

– “Methodological recommendations for the development of a feasibility study of measures to improve the energy efficiency of non-production purpose”. İt was developed common to all performers of the project approaches to the development of a list of measures to improve energy efficiency and assessment of their effectiveness ;

– “Pre-feasibility study, Feasibility inspection, Business plan of the project “Warm house” as a component of the National project “Energy of nature” – construction of wind , solar, and small hydroelectric power stations , production of solid alternative fuel”. The project envisages the following activities:

  • implementation of energy saving measures in more than 140 objects of housing and social services, 9 blocks 6 cities of Ukraine (Zhovkva , Chernivtsi, Ternopil , Cherkasy , Berdyansk , Sochi);
  • modernization of boiler houses (with their transfer to solid fuel, including trash briquettes);
  • modernization of heating networks;
  • construction of waste recycling plant for production of fuel briquettes.

İt was proposed a fundamentally new financial and organizational model of the project implementation considering the existing legislation in Ukraine.

During 2009-2011, he governed direction of scientific and technical support for the

He developed and implemented about 20 technologies in various fields of construction.

He is the member of Technical Committee of standardization TC 302 “Energy efficiency of buildings and structures”

He is the member of Technical Committee of standardization TC 309 “Botechnology”

He is the Chairman of the public “ECO-Ukraine”organization.

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