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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Department of hydraulic engineering and special construction

The structure of the department includes:

Over the years the department specialists have developed the following building technologies:

  1. Construction technology of anti filtration curtains (RB) via “wall in soil” method.

    It is protected by Ukraine’s patent number 1038 of 05/31/93 (copyright certificate number 1142577 of 11/10/83).

    RB intended to protect underground and surface water from pollution and exhaustion of technological effluents of industrial and agricultural (livestock) companies; protect the area from flooding groundwater, which causes water logging and soil salinization; reduction of filtering through earthen dams and levees.

RB is performed by lying in a trench under clay solution material: clay, clay or cement paste, polymer films, concrete. RB filtration coefficient is 0,01-0,0001 m / day. RB may be a depth of 50 m, width – 0,3 1,0 m, length is not limited.

  1. Technology of bearing and distribution walls convergence via “wall and ground” method in dense urban environment.

    Walls erected with protection of clay mortar. Their depth depends on the capacity of mechanical equipment and reaches 50 m.

The construction of the wall allows to reject waive sheet piling, piles of dynamic loads.

The technology is widely used in the construction of the Kiev subway and underground parking, especially in the dense urban environment.

  1. The technology of protection of soil adjacent to the storage facilities or structures with defective waterproofing, to filter out these solutions using anti filtration – drainage structures.

    Patents of Ukraine number 755 of 15.04.94, № 24792 of 06.10.98 and number 24819A from 08/10/98.

    Construction of anti filtration curtains, combined with drainage, allows building deep drainage without using sheet piling and dewatering is performed simultaneously in one trench protected by a clay solution.

  1. Technology of arrangement of horizontal anti filtration screen at a depth of 5 m under existing storages, buildings and structures.

    Patent of Ukraine number 35065A from 05/08/99.

    The method of installation of the screen is based on the method of trench less pipe laying.

  1. Technology of arrangement of underground vibration isolation screens.

    Vibration isolation screens arrange on separate piles or those that overlap and via “wall in soil” method using materials that absorb vibration ground vibrations from any dynamic loads.

  1. Structural and technological solutions to strengthen the foundations of existing residential and public buildings without interruption and relocation of residents of buildings with the use of drilling and pressed piles.

    Technology of sectional piles immersion via using jacks in a limited space (in the basement) is used.

  1. Constructive-technological solutions of underground parts building of residential and public buildings via “wall in soil” method in difficult geological conditions.

   Walls erected under protection of a clay mortar. Their depth depends on the capacity of mechanical equipment and can reach 50 m.

The construction of underground parts of buildings via “wall in soil” method allows rejection pits or piles by tongue and protect pit inflow from groundwater. Wall mount is made via using ground anchors spacer frame of steel profile elements and using pipes and underground structural elements of the building (beams and columns).

Excavation Protection of groundwater inflow is ensured by deepening “wall in soil” in waterproof soil layer or construction of horizontal anti filtration screen which is  performed by inkjet technology.

Structural and technological solutions are used in the construction of underground parking and subway.

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