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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Department of energy efficiency and thermo modernization in construction

        The department was established at the Institute in the early 60s of the 20th century. At first, its name was – Department of pressurization, waterproofing, insulation and decorating works. Since the beginning of the construction of large buildings development in the former Soviet Union in 1960 – the department has always been leading in the former USSR in the design, mechanization, establishment of technical and technological documentation, regulations and standards for the construction of large panel buildings. For more than 50 years of its existence the department created more than 30 standards and regulations state level as- All-Union state Standards, NSU, SBS, RER. In addition, it was created a unique scientific school of technology development and use of effective sealants and waterproofing materials at the department in mass construction. Due to it, the department created over 20 unique inventions protected by copyright certificates and patents. Developments of the department were in due time was awarded state prizes in 1990 and 1998.

 In modern conditions Energy efficiency and thermo modernization department in construction focuses on: improving the efficiency of building materials – from cement, concrete and finishing with the latest dry construction mixtures and polymeric materials for various purposes, as well as issues related to the use of energy efficiency building materials, technologies and equipment in the existing thermo construction projects during the reconstruction and repair.

   Specialist of the department continuously performed the work on the survey and certification of existing, more than 500 construction projects to determine the technical condition and suitability for further safe operation, including a survey of waterproofing, sealing, insulation and other specific objects that are in unusual operating conditions, thus accumulated invaluable experience in such work. The specialists, in addition to the survey, carried out works on certification and development of recommendations on measures to further safe operation of inspection.

     The department is constantly develops regulations and performs research and scientific and technical developments for the Regional Development of Ukraine.

     Department successfully cooperates with well-known companies and organizations as: LLC “Henkel Ukraine” DP “Caparol Ukraine” LLC “Solstroy”, LLC “Ukrteplohidroizolyatsiya”, LLC “BC ZZBK 1”, “Antonov”, LLC “Mehalayn Global Yukreyn “, LLC” Region-Invest “, GP MOU” Central design Institute “, JSC” reinforced Concrete Plant im.S.Kovalskoyi “Representation” Doğuş Insaat ve Tydzharet Anonymous Shyrkety “, LLC” Concrete-Kospleks “, LLC” Winner GROUP Ukraine “, LLC” Mechanical plant “Sonnet” Corporation “capital” HC “Kyivmiskbud”.

The structure of the department includes:

  1. Laboratory of research of insulating, pressurization and finishing technologies and materials
  2. Laboratory of waterproofing and roofing works

Our services:

  1. Drafting of thermo modernization and sanitation of construction facilities projects in the reconstruction and repair and conservation projects.
  2. Development of specific conditions for the production of building materials, products and systems and their coordination with state supervision.
  3. Development of technological specifications, flow charts, project of concrete performance, waterproofing, pressurization, insulation, finishing and special works.
  4. Expertise of project documentation for application materials, applicable building codes and modern technology works.
  5. State review of regulations and state-level technical and technological documentation (specifications) with the aim to agree with the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine.
  6. Certification and qualification testing of building materials and general construction of special purpose to establish physical and mechanical properties.
  7. Performing inspections of construction sites with the aim to determine general technical condition, condition of insulation, waterproofing, sealing, trim, matching technical solutions to current standards in the construction of recommendations on further safe operation of the facility.

Leading specialists of the department:

Maksymov Artem Serhiyovych.

Harmash Olexandr Ivanovych

Bahlai Yuriy Anatoliyovych

Hutnichenko Tetyana Petrivna

Babicheva Paraskeva Yaroslavivna

Bilkevych Julia Volodymyrivna

Kuran Yuriy Oleksandrovych

The gallery of performed works:

… “Olympic”, NSK “Winner Ford” SE “” Boryspil “LCD” Quartet “on Uritskogo” Art Arsenal “stores on M. Vovchok street..

The main regulatory issues:

  1. NSU B V.2.6-187 ISO 2013 “Monolithic and polyurethane heat water proofing that is deposited. General technical conditions»
  2. NSU-H B V.3.2-3: 2014 “Guidance on the implementation thermo residential buildings.”
  3. “INDICATIVE LIST of services for maintenance of houses and buildings and adjacent territories repair services and facilities, buildings,” DerzhzhytlokomunhospuUkrayiny08.2004 Order number 150
  4. SBS 298-92 “Design and performing of insulation of the outer seam of large panel buildings”
  5. RER 355-91 “Design and performing of sealing joints and the seal section surface with butyl rubber mastic (Government Building and USSR)”

The main scientific research department includes:

  1. Technology and design solutions of arranging roofing and waterproofing industrial and civil buildings of polymer and bitumen-polymer mastic compositions.

One of the main features of our department is implicitly and manufacturability of performance, the use of machinery. Three times less than the cost of roofing materials in comparison with rolled bituminous roofing. The durability is 15-20 years. Roofer output per shift – 150 200 m 2 single-layer carpet. It is effective for roofs of corrugated.

  1. Technology of designs and repair of roofs of residential and industrial buildings using polymer and bitumen-polymer waterproofing compositions.

The technology provides efficient recovery of the existing roof membrane and mastic application of additional layers of polymer composites and provides a high tightness of the repaired surface while reducing costs mastic waterproofing materials 2-2.5 times compared with traditional bituminous rolled. The durability is 12-15 years. Output a roofer for change – 100- 120 m 2 single-layer carpet. It is possible to obtain decorative roofs.

  1. New advanced technology of soft bitumen felt repair roof.

It is protected by patent of Ukraine.

The new technology of repair allows warming up roofing carpet on the depth of the surface screed special apparatus infrared radiation (TU 22965962.001-96).

Rated operating voltage is 380 V. Productivity for workflow is 1.25 m2. Term of restoration roof area of 1.25 m2 is 7-20 minutes. The weight of the device is 28 kg. The device is convenient, reliable, meets the requirements of fire safety equipment and electrical safety.

The advantages of the new technology repairing roofs: its no necessary to remove old roofing carpet; to wait bitumen felt and bitumen; high productivity (no less than 120 m2 per shift – 8 hours); high quality repair work (almost completely removed interlayer water) obtained monolithic smooth surface without cracks, porosity, spotting; not to use warm up bitumen units pitch boiling units, equipment for lifting materials; fire safety; improving the environment and so on.

The technology has been used at the objects of housing and civil and industrial buildings and structures in Kyiv, Poltava, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Lutsk, Chernivtsi and so on.

  1. Organization of domestic production and using of mastic for industrial building of cold frames.

It’s protected by copyright certificates.

It can be developed via the technology and organized domestic production of mastic to seal the translucent enclosures greenhouses and greenhouses made of glass or glass.

Technical characteristics of mastic, conventional strength at break of at least 0,07-0,1 MPa; relative elongation at least 10-15%; water absorption of mass 0.2-0.4%; range of operating temperatures from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C; applying mastic joint is mechanized.

The development will allow in Ukraine solving the problem of sealing glass in the reconstruction of winter greenhouses that industrially exploited, as well as building new ones.

  1. Corrosion protection of embedded metal and welding seams in the area of concrete merging in construction and landfill conditions.

Acceleration of deadlines for reducing the drying time of the protective layer, reducing fire risk, cost reduction of volatile organic solutions; possibility of preparation of the mixture in terms of construction.

  1. Development of multi-mode waterproofing of underground parts of buildings method.

Conducting research and development of constructive and technological solutions of different types of waterproofing arrangement, waterproofing materials that are combined on one surface, is isolated. It should improve the reliability and durability of waterproofing protection of underground parts of buildings.

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