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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

The sector of special constructions

The sector was established in 1968, the Sector specialized in the construction of buried objects in complex engineering-geological conditions and the conditions of dense building (construction of underground structures, deep excavations complex shapes, retaining walls, etc.)

The sector actively participated in the development of new construction technologies and the development of normative documents in the field of construction of structures embedded in soil (RSN 272-90 Technology of construction of subsurface installations “wall in the soil”).

In recent years, the range of sector’s works has considerably expanded.

The sector continues to work associated with the construction recessed in-ground structures, but significant part of the sector consists of works on building inspection and determination of their technical condition, project work, scientific and technical support for the construction of complex objects and so on.

Key services of sector at the moment:

Pre-design and design works:

  • determination the impact of new development on existing development;
  • duplicate and check the calculations of the main retaining structures (walls fences ditches, retaining walls, structural elements);
  • development of technical documentation on repair and strengthening of structures, completion and supervision;
  • development of technical and technological solutions on building in difficult engineering-geological terms and conditions of the compacted areas.
  • development of projects of organization of construction and execution of works;
  • development of technical documentation on the device of foundation pits and retaining walls.
  • Inspection of buildings, constructions, individual constructions:
  • inspection of a technical condition of buildings and structures;
  • estimation of bearing capacity of designs of buildings and constructions;
  • evaluation of the possibility of add-ins and redevelopment;
  • determination of causes of damages of buildings;
  • testing and strength of concrete;
  • certification of buildings and structures;
  • development of recommendations on elimination of the revealed damages and strengthening structures;
  • development of recommendations on conservation of the object;
  • development of technical and technological solutions for the strengthening of foundations;
  • Expertise of design documentation for compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Development of regulations for carrying out individual types of CMP.
  • Scientific and technical supervision of construction of complex objects.

The department also carries out the analysis of emergency situations of the building and the provision of recommendations on elimination of their consequences.

Currently, the sector employs 4 people.

Leading experts:

  1. BasanskiyVladyslav Olexandrovych
  2. Hrubska Larysa Mykhaylivna

Recent time sector experts made a number of difficult works, among which are:

  1. Project stages of worksexecution on concreting of the reinforced concrete of the arch of the bridge over the Dnipro river in Podil bridge crossing (schedule concrete supports reinforced concrete arch with a height of 15 m), 2007
  2. Participation in the Scientific-technical accompaniment of construction and erection works on reconstruction of existing and construction of new facilities of the national sports complex “Olympic”. 2009-2012
  3. Works on scientific and technical support of the construction of a hotel complex with underground Parking Luteranska 14street, Pechersk district, Kyiv. 2012-2013
  4. “Scientific and technical support in the design phase and construction of the object “Complex of administrative buildings of Supreme economic and Supreme administrative courts of Ukraine on the intersection of Drujby narodiv Avenue and Staronavodnytska street, Pechersk district, Kyiv” 2013
  5. Inspection of technical state and passportization of buildings of the warehouse of bulk storage of sugar in the sugar plant of PJSC “PC “Podillia” 2015.

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