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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Laboratory of experimental and high-rise construction

The laboratory was established in 2000 year, simultaneously with the start of building construction in Ukraine (higher than 73.5 m).

During the period of existence in the laboratory as the main contractor it has beendeveloped SBC.2.2-24:2009 “Design of high-rise residential and public buildings” (2009), and V. P. Maksimenko (head of laboratory) participated as a cooperator in development:

  1. 1.DBC.1.1-12:2013 “Construction in seismic regions of Ukraine”; (2013)
  2. SSU B V. 2.6-195:2013 “Construction of walls of cellular concrete blocks autoclaved. General technical conditions”; (2013)
  3. Album-manual “Technical solutions for the walls of high-rise buildings from cellular concrete products of autoclaved consolidation. Album-a manual for the design and production work.” (2012)
  4. SSU-N B V. 2.6-XXX:201Х “Guide for the design and construction of building structures with the use of products from cellular concrete of autoclave hardening” (2016)

 Also, the laboratory has developed an experimental programs for the construction of 42 houses; it was performed checking calculations of 57 high-rise buildings with a height of 112-210 m held the 5th international scientific-technical conferences on building construction, arranged foreign trips of delegations of Ukrainian builders in the United States, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Belarus.

 The laboratory supports scientific and business ties with the international Council on tall building and environment (USA), Institute for monolithic construction, University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Geotechnics Darmstadt University (Germany), Ukrainian-German building center (Kyiv), BELLAIS (Minsk) and other scientific, design and construction organizations.

 At various times, the servicecustomer was companies such as KHK “Kievgorstroy” JSC “Poznyaki-Zhil-Stroy, KP “Budova” (Odessa), JSC “house-building factory No. 3, KP “Speczhilfond” KP “Jalaludin-UKB”, the Religious community parish of the Cathedral of enterprise “Directorate of restoration works”, Project Institute of the SBU, the Supreme economic court of Ukraine, PRJSC “AEROBUD”, “ECOPLUS”, “ORBI RESIDENCE (Georgia) and others.

Main services:

  • verificationcalculations of high-rise buildings as structural system “soil base – foundation – building” in the volume control settings approved by the Ministry of regional development of Ukraine;
  • development of experimental programs of high-rise construction and other complex construction projects and provides research and technical and organizational assistance in their implementation, provides scientific and technical support of design, construction and operation of tall buildings;
  • calculation of the impact of new development on existing development;
  • Development of normative, technical and operational documentation for the design, construction and operation of tall buildings;
  • calculations and design of structures, components and elements of high-rise buildings;
  • spatial calculations of strengthening and reconstruction new construction stone and Armo-stone houses;
  • monitoring of deformation state of the main load-bearing structures and elements of high-rise buildings;
  • scientific and technical assistance for the automation of building design with the use of software and computing systems (Lira, Monomakh, Sapfir, ESPRI, Lira-SAPR, Monomakh-SAPR);
  • Providing with all kinds of advice on issues of design, construction and operation of high-rise buildings, in particular on computer-aided design and perform complex calculations of building structures and constructions.

Nowadays, the laboratory has 6 employees, including 1 doctor of technical Sciences, 2 candidates of technical Sciences and other highly qualified professionals with extensive experience under the guidance of the head of the laboratory Maximenko Valeriy Petrovych.

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