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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Sector of construction economic and independent assessment of property and property rights

Sector of construction economic and independent assessment of property and property rights (hereinafter – the sector) is part of the department of economics, management and construction of the State Enterprise “Research institute of building production.

Scientific research, services and works which are performed (provided) by the Sector:

Direction І is assessment of property and property rights.

Services in the area of valuation of property “Valuation of in-kind” with specializations:

  • Valuation of still things (real estate, real property), including lands and property rights on them.
  • Estimate of machinery and equipment.
  • Estimate of road vehicles.
  • Estimate of aircraft.
  • Estimate of shipping agents.

1.7. Evaluation of movables, except for those which classified as machinery, equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, shipping agents, and those of cultural value).

Services in the field of property valuation “Evaluation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including rights to intellectual property” following specializations:

Assessment of integral property complexes shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets (excluding valuation of rights to intellectual property);

Intellectual property valuation.

An independent evaluation is conducted in accordance with the requirements of existing in Ukraine laws and regulations that govern the implementation of independent assessment in Ukraine.

Right of appraisers of Sector SE “RIBP” to conduct assessment activities provided by the presence of “certificate of evaluation activity, issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine (renewed every three years).

Sector Skill Level of evaluators is confirmed by relevant certificates of staff appraisers who are registered in the State Register of appraisers and members of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers (UTO). The head of Sector is Trusova L.E. has, in addition, the qualification “Senior expert-appraiser”, which awarded her by UTO (qualification certificate number 037).

The list of objects, property appraisal and property rights are carried appraisers Sector

During 1999 – 2016 in most regions of Ukraine Sector evaluators carried out or participated in the assessment of property and property rights objects, including:

Integral property complex “Kamyanka-Buzkyi chipboard factory”; real estate with zero residual value that belonged to the property UDPEZ “Ukrtelecom”; non-residential buildings (houses) belonging to communal property territorial community of Kyiv; buildings and structures in Horenychi village, Stolychna Street, Kyiv – Svyatoshynskyi district, Kyiv region, building CJSC of medical and health institutions of trade unions of Ukraine “Ukrprofozdorovnytsia”; shares of CJSC “Rosava” and OAO AB “Express Bank”; current assets of SE “Hotel” Dnipro “; unfinished construction in Kiev –Svyatoshynskyi district, Kyiv; Myrhorod, Poltava region, Sumy, Obukhov Kyiv region, building “Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podil” production and warehouses (buildings and structures) located in Kyiv on Kachalova street and others.

Customers who obtained services of assessment and property rights:

National joint stock insurance company “Oranta”, PJSC “Kyiv Research and Design Institute” Energoprojekt “State Enterprise” Ukrenergovugullia “, JSC” Ukrtelecom “CJSC of medical and health institutions of trade unions of Ukraine” Ukrprofozdorovnytsia “, LLC (Company)” Alpha proektholdinh Gez. mbH “(Republic of Austria), State Enterprise” Management of administrative buildings on the operation of the tax authorities in Ukraine. Kyiv “, OJSC Bank” UNLIMITED RETAIL SERVICE “(Kharkiv), Limited Liability Company” HFK “” Biocon ” Ukrainian industrial and financial group “Slavutich” All-Ukrainian sports Society “Kolos” AIC Ukraine, LTD “European consulting and appraisal center” liquidator JSC Bank “BIG Energy”, JSC “Ukrgazproekt” limited Liability Company “Football club” Dynamo “Kyiv”, the National bank of Ukraine (Banknote-mint), JSC “IPP” VNIPITRANSGAZ “,” Ukrainian Institute for design of gas industry “UKRGAZPROEKT”, Joint-Stock company “Insurance company” EKKO “, utilities maintenance and operation of housing special-purpose “Spetszhytlofond” and others.

Second direction is research and technical audit in Ukraine of land for development (both built and free of buildings).

Since November 2007 the Sector (involving other scientific units of Institute) performs research and technical audit of works in Ukraine of land for development (both built and free of buildings).

During conducting of such audit it is usually expected to identify all potential risks that can lead to the recognition of the sale of land for development and void significantly adversely affect the value of the sale or detect violations of the law of the owner of the facility, which may in future lead to additional costs of the buyer. In general, the technical audit is conducted for the purpose that buyer has a clear idea regarding land, which he(she) buys.

Implementation of the technical audit of land held for development, is performed taking into account the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine on planning and building areas, existing state building codes and other legal documents.

The purpose of the technical audit is to determine the placement of the object of urban development on land that is surveyed, requirements of operating in Ukraine of regulations in the construction industry, to determine the possibility and the cost of connecting the object of urban development to urban utilities, a description of the transport infrastructure in the area of land area, and collect information on potential or existing encumbrances and / or limitations of surveyed land.

Among the customers for works of technical audit of land for development were domestic and corporate (foreign companies) companies, including limited liability “Olympia RIAL Estate” and the limited liability company “Leroy Merlin Ukraine.”

According to results of performed work for technical audit, in particular on the basis of study and analysis of the customer documents and information which is necessary for conduction of such audits, taking into account the results of geological and geodetic surveys and visual inspection study of land customer obtain the “Conclusion” which is made in the shape of report.

Direction III – other services and activities.

Sector Specialists:

Carry out all kinds of mediation and consulting services in preparation for privatization of state (municipal) enterprises, including conducting an inventory and valuation of assets of state (municipal) enterprises, including evaluation of fixed assets.

Provide advice and legal services on privatization and joint ventures, as well as legal and consulting support, including through economic and legal, legal and other services that ensure the effective functioning of the economic mechanism of enterprises of any form of ownership of various sectors of the economy of Ukraine, including construction.

Perform market research of corporate rights in Ukraine and determining methodological features of valuation of corporate rights of enterprises in Ukraine.

Conduct market research Ukraine financial services, including financial services asset management companies that have the status of non-bank financial institutions, the results of which determined the estimated value of financial services (interest rate) in Ukraine.

Leading experts of Sector:

  1. Trusova Lyudmila Yevhenivna. – Head of the sector
  2. Zablotska Miroslava Yevhenivna – senior scientific officer.

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