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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Ludmyla Trusova Evhenivna, head of economy of construction and the independent evaluation of property and property rights department

 Head of the sector of construction, property valuation and property rights of the state enterprise “Scientific-research Institute of building production”. As the head of the sector she runs from January 1989. She graduated from Kyiv Institute of national economy (diploma with honors, 1969; present name: Kyiv Vadym Hetmannational economic University, specialty: “Planningof national economy “), graduate of the Institute (1973, specialty: “the Effectiveness of capital investments and new technology”).

 Experience in research and teaching activity since have begun in 1973: researcher, senior researcher, head of sector, senior lecturer of Economicsof construction (1980-1981; the Kyiv branch of the all-Union Institute of advanced training of managerial personnel and specialists in the construction of the Moscow V. V. Kuibyshevengineering-construction Institute).

In 1995she received qualifications of the appraiser: training methodological basics of property valuation in the international consulting company Deloitte & Touche (certificate b/n from 10-14 APR 1995, Kyiv) and International center of privatization, investment and management in the city of Kyiv (certificate No. 76 of 23. 05.1995 on the assessment of property, property rights and business on the territory of Ukraine). Specialist on registration of real estate rights – training seminar on “Registration of rights to immovable property” in VLE (Sweden) certificate b/n 3-21 March 1997..

 In 1999 she was qualified as “Leading expert-the appraiser Ukrainian society of appraisers (qualification certificate № 037). Member of the Council branch of the Ukrainian society of appraisers in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Sphere of scientific interests – research of financial services market and the market of corporate rights of Ukraine; technical audit of land plots for construction (as built and free from development); development of the basic principles of a methodological approach to the assessment of property and property rights.

Main services:

Services in the field of property valuation “Valuation of objects in tangible form” with specializations:

  • Assessment of immovable things (immovable property, estate), including land and property rights.
  • Assessment of machinery and equipment.
  • Assessment of transport vehicles.
  • Evaluation of aircraft.
  • Assessment of the vessels.

1.7. Evaluation of movables, except for those classified as machinery, equipment, wheeled vehicles, aircraft, shipping facilities, and those that constitute cultural value).

Services in the field of property valuation “Valuation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including rights to objects of intellectual property”.

  1. Services of technical audit of land plots for construction (as built and free from development) in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine on planning and development of territories of the existing State building codes and other regulatory documents.
  2. Services market research and corporate rights of Ukraine and define the methodological specifics of valuation of corporate rights of enterprises in Ukraine.
  3. Services market research of financial services, including financial services companies asset management, which have the status of non-Bank financial institutions, the results of which the valuation of financial services (interest rate) on the Ukrainian market.

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