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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Material-technical base (page 2)

  • Chilling chamber. Determination of freeze-thaw resistance of construction materials. Operational temperature range 0°С  – 50°С.

    Field laboratory. Accelerated study of soils properties in field. Drag head volume – 50 cm3.

  • Consolidometers for determination of ground densification and compression. Simultaneously with densification and compression there may be performed ground watering. Drag head capacity – 238 cm3.
  • Device for determination of clay soil water permeability .

    Static tube reading scale range – 0-350 mm; division value – 1 mm.

  • Device for determination of binder soil swelling. Soil sample size: diameter – 56,5 mm; height– 10 mm; area– 25 cm2.
  • Device for determination of sandy soil filtration factor. Working cylinder size: diameter– 56,7 mm; height – 100 mm; area – 25 cm2.
  • Devices for determination of static stress of clay soil. Measuring range 0¸90 Pa (N/m2).
  • Determination of density of drilling mud and other mortars. Measuring range g/cm3: 0,8-1,7 and 2,6-2,7.
  • Cylinders for determination of clay mortars stability.
  • Settler for determination of sand content in clay mortar.
  • Vasiliev’s balance cone. Determination of liquid limit of clay soils.
  • Device for determination of mortar density. Cone angle – 30°±3°; sliding core weight – (300±1,5) g.
  • Device for determination of clay mud water yield in drilling of wells. Water yield determination limit during 30 min – 40 cm3, filtration pressure – 1 kgf/cm2.
  • Battery of screens for determination of grain-size composition of ground and fillers.
  • Environmental chambers. Determination of materials aging resistance. Freezing and thawing testing. Temperature range from minus 30°С to plus 90°С and from minus 70°С to plus 90°С .
  • Artificial weather apparatus. Determination of materials resistance under atmospheric conditions.
  • Testing of paint materials for water-resistance.
  • Liquid thermostat. Maintenance of permanent temperature of measurements and reactions. Range of operating temperatures from minus 50°С to plus 40 °С .
  • Unit for testing of paint coatings for strength under shock Tube length 500 mm, load weight1 kg.
  • Device for determination of cement setting time.
  • Device for determination of normal thickness and solidification time of water-cement paste. Deepening range of punch or pin 0¸40 mm.
  • Portable multifunction testing device. Electric equipment testing of: testing of insulation strength; measurement: of electrical insulation resistance, earthing resistance, electrical resistance, outward current, voltage and strength of direct current, voltage and strength of alternating current .
  • Laboratory vibrating tables, shaker tables, moulds for preparation of test sample of concrete, etc.
  • Electronic tachometer SET 230R Sokkia for tackling a wide range tasks in construction: deformation tracking, high-precision installation of process equipment, face survey, measurements at hard-to-reach facilities.
  • Laser-beam optical device of vertical projection for verticality control in high-rise structures of tower type during construction and use.

      2. Measuring devices (MD)

     Inventory and technical characteristics of available MD actually provides full support of studies and experimental research works performed by the institute. MD arsenal includes devices for

  • measurement of linear size and deformations (tape-measures, rulers, slide calipers, micrometers, indicators, probes, optical microscopes, distance-measuring devices, etc.);
  • measurement of angles, direct differential leveling (transit theodolites, optical and laser leveling instruments, etc.);
  • measurement of time, duration of processes (timers, mechanical and electronic stop watches);
  • determination of weight, force, strain, loads, pressure (weights, dynamometers, manometers);
  • measurement of temperature, relative humidity, climatic factors (thermometers, psychrometers, anemoscopes);
  • determination of intensity of illumination, surface shine and whiteness, hardness of paint coatings (luxmeters, glossmeters, pendular device);
  • determination of float finish degree of paints and pigments (grindometers);
  • measurement of sound level, vibrations (noise and vibration meters, vibrometers, octave filters);
  • determination of specific viscosity of liquids, consistency of solid and flexible bitumens and greases, bitumen malaxation temperature (viscosimeters, consistency gauges, device for determination of bitumen malaxation temperature);
  • ion activity determination – рН-tester;
  • measurement of parameters and testing of electric machinery.

    There is special institute subdivision in charge of MD registration, safekeeping, use and timely calibration – metrology sector.

    Production capability of the institute permits to manufacture a wide range of parts, units, devices, equipment items, mechanisms, rigs and machines and related working elements. This capability exists due to availability of relevant pool of metal working machines, equipment for electric and gas welding of metals, bending machines, forging presses, wood-working machines and painting machinery.


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