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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Technical committee 309 “Building Technologies”

TC 309 is the subject of the national standardization system and serves as the development, review, negotiation and maintenance of national standards in the field of construction technologies, is participating in the related technical committees of standardization of international and regional organizations and the formation of Ukraine’s position on the developed regulatory documents (hereinafter – LP) of these organizations.

Organizational support of TC 309 is relied on secretariat. Secretariat provides TC 309 activities via organizational, technical and financial mode.

Implementation of the functions of the secretariat of TC 309 laid on the State Enterprise “Scientific-Research Institute of Building Production” (SE “RIBP”), which is a legal entity and is located at:

Lobanovskiy Avenue, 51, Kyiv – 03680,

tel. +38 044 / 248-88-84, fax: +38 044 / 248-88-84,

TC 309 was created by the order of Ministry of Regional Development from 28.11.2011 N 309 (v0309858-11) “On the establishment of technical standards committee “Building technologies” with regard to the principle of representation of all interested parties.

To work in the TC 309 are involved in voluntary authorized representatives of executive authorities, local governments, business entities and their associations, scientific, technical and engineering societies (unions), societies (unions) consumers, the relevant public organizations, senior scientists and experts .

Sphere of the work of TC 309 is determined by the order of Ministry of Regional Development from 28.11.2011 N 309 (v0309858-11) “About the establishment of technical committee of standardization “Building technologies”.

Membership in the TC 309 can be collective or individual.

Collective members take part in the committee through their authorized representatives, who act on behalf of them. Collective TC 309 members can be:

  • Organizations (institutions, enterprises) that develop standards, or are consumers (customers) or the developers and manufacturers of products;
  • Associations (unions) and the Consumer Federation;
  • Scientific, technical and engineering communities;
  • Executive authorities, local self-government communities;
  • Organs of state supervision, testing centers and agencies of the certification;
  • State authorities in cases of consumer protection;
  • Other interested organizations (enterprises).

Individual members of the FC 309 can be the guiding scientists and professionals who want to take part in the committee and which act on their behalf.

In the structure of the TC 309 has a PC that operates according to certain areas of activity and standardization of objects (fields of activity), assigned to the TC 309:

  1. Technologies of building production;
  2. Technical retention, inspection of buildings and facilities and the quality of construction;
  3. Qualification requirements and standardized works in construction.

In the field of standardization TC 309 organizes and carries out such kinds of work:

  • Develops, examines, coordinates and prepares projects for approval of state (DSTU) and interstate (GOST) standards, the standards organization (JMA), technical specifications (TS) and others;
  • Accompanies, searches and checks standards, is preparing changes to them, and a proposal for the abolition of DSTU and GOST, examines ND projects, review and submit proposals for projects of building codes, as well as the proxy of the central body of executive power on the construction, architecture and urban planning, prepares proposals to vote on projects of international and regional standards;
  • Promotes the application of national standards of other countries, as the state standards;
  • Develops state and interstate standards harmonized with international and regional;
  • Determines the priority of direct implementation in Ukraine of international and regional standards;
  • Collaborates with the technical committees in neighboring areas;
  • Cooperates with enterprises (organizations), users of the standards, in particular with consumers associations, testing centers (laboratories) and certification bodies and other stakeholders;
  • Develops part of the project of developing a program of work of the standardization of standardization of fixed objects or areas of activity;
  • Considers the proposals to amend the existing LP or view or cancel.


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